Russian Family Bistro

by Masha on October 27, 2013

Update: this restaurant re-opened in Redwood City!

Russian Family offers catering as well as full seat-down service, deli and bakery. The menu and store hours can be found on their website:

Update: Took my American, Honduran, and Russian friends from work to Russian Family Bistro last Friday for dinner. It was quite an experience! The owner was very nice and did not try speaking Russian to us at all. Usually owners of Russian restaurants prefer Russian language even if the guests are English speaking. We had some rassolnik, solyanka, bliny, kotlety s grechkoi, gulyazh, pirozhki, and olivie. All of the dishes were very tasty. Olivie could have had a little less mayo for my taste though, but still good. Kindzmarauli and hvanchkara wines complemented our dinner very well. Still, the main reason for the success of that event was the company, of course.

Russian Family Restaurant

2086 Broadway St
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 369-2950

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